Support Gene's Vision

Douglas County is in need of dedicated and full-time leadership to tackle the urgent challenges it is currently facing. These challenges encompass a range of critical issues, such as the necessity for affordable housing, the promotion of economic development to ease the burden on homeowners, and the establishment of a consensus on renewable energy sources like solar and wind turbines. A particular concern is the impact of property taxes, especially on those over the age of 65 who live on fixed incomes. Moreover, the intricate issue of homelessness requires a comprehensive approach, necessitating collaboration at a county-wide level.

I am seeking to represent District 4, an area that spans a diverse range of neighborhoods, from Iowa Street through the Schwegler neighborhood, extending eastward to include Lawrence and Eudora. While Lawrence holds a significant portion of the population, I recognize the need to pay increased attention to Eudora and the rural county areas. This need will become apparent as we confront upcoming challenges related to solar projects and the Panasonic Plant.

I am dedicated to actively engaging with residents from Schwegler, Barker, east Lawrence, Eudora, Hesper, and all unincorporated regions to gather their invaluable input and insights. The decisions I make will be rooted in a commitment to meeting the distinct requirements and wishes of my district while also taking into account the broader needs of the entire county.

Guided by the principles of compassion, effective communication, collaboration, and transparency, I am determined to work together with the community to address these issues. I invite you to join me on this journey and become part of our team in shaping a more promising future for Douglas County.